Introduction about XHAMSTER and STRIPCHAT

The 2019 mode generator that can work the same way for 2 sites - know the system that is compatible both with xHamsterLive and Stripchat

There is no difference between xHamsterLive and Stripchat. You can use the same generator to get the token cash for both sites

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xHamsterLive = Stripchat. There are 2 sites that are connected each other. You can find the same Models and options there.

stripchat and xhamsterlive

Registering account on xHamsterLive, you can use your xHamsterLive login details on Stripchat and vice versa - having account on Stripchat, you can use your login and password on xHamsterLive.

You can also use the super promotion, which allows you to get up to 5000 free tokens. To do this, you must create a new free Stripchat account from the link here. Into your account - in accordance with the promotion - will be added the number of tokens that you choose. It's up to 5,000 for free.

Remember that you can use these generated free tokens from your new Stripchat account also on xHamsterLive with the same login details.

Stripchat and xHamsterLive are the same - you can log into both sites with the same details, so use the token generator and enjoy 2 sites with just one account!

You should start with checking and comparing both sites - xHamsterLive and Stripchat. Then you will understand everything. You can see the same categories and Models. More, when you visit FAQ, you can notice that questions are the same and there are identical modes. Notice that on both sites you can:

  • have the same sorts of shows:
    • SPY CHAT
  • you can get the same levels of membership:
    • in colours:
      • GREY
      • GREEN
      • GOLD
    • because of position:
      • KNIGHT
      • KING.
xhamsterlive tokens

Gratis access for every interested user!

There is the same currency in the same packages. So our generator can work for both these sites. Familiarize with the xHamsterLive / Stripchat token generator and enjoy 2 sites with just 1 tool.

Both xHamsterLive and Stripchat have the same content and identical options. And the first question now is: Have you know about the fact that xHamsterLive and Stripchat are just 1 site under 2 different names?

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The Stripchat / xHamsterLive token generator free mode is the powerful tool that can generate vouchers that may be used on:


Register the new account from special Stripchat link you can find here and then use your free added tokens on Stripchat or xHamsterLive with the same login details.

Gratis access for every interested user!