Step 1st

You must initiate the process first. The whole procedure may be started from different subpages on the website. You can visit GENERATE subpage or click in any button with this option you can see on the site.

If you start the process, it must be finished. don't refresh the website just wait. If the process is interrupted, you must start it again. If your Internet connection is stable, the process is completed within less than 5 minutes.


Step 2nd

Choose the website you are interested in and continue the process based on the assumption if you prefer Stripchat or xHamsterLive. Press the button connected with generating tokens.

The process is easy and intuitive and lasts only a while if your Internet connection is stable.


Step 3rd

Complete the process - close it and enjoy gratis coins the way you want.

Start the process of generating and follow instructions you can see to complete it. Choose your location and determine the amount of tokens you want to generate. Remember that you can choose the amount between 200 to 2255 Tokens.

Press the button to continue and complete the process.