Details of Stripchat itself and the role of the token in watching shows

We can write a lot about Stripchat itself. But it isn’t necessary. You have to know this site - the online room with the best adult performances made in the real time. You can choose among different genders and define the outside appearance you like the most. There are almost unlimited options for you. But you have to have the official currency to pay for all best actions. And that’s the place for the token - the real hero of the site.

The Stripchat token is the online currency that works on the site. It’s used both by customers and Performers. The first group spends them and the second one earns these coins and then transfer them for the real money as the salary.

Gratis access for every interested user!

All shows may be watched from different devices, including mobile and PC modes. The only special mode on the site is Cam2Cam chat - to contact face to face and voice to voice with the Model you can still use only the stationary computer. But it’s possible that it’ll be changed soon.

It’s easy to say that the real role of the Stripchat token is using it to pay. But it isn’t everything. The token means that you have the full access to all things available on Stripchat. Without the currency you even’t don’t have to visit the site because all great options are available only then when you can pay for them.

The token may make you the King or the Knight on Stripchat

The token may be used in many different places on Stripchat. We’ll describe all of them. But now let’s start with:

  • the King - is the special status of membership for the user who has spent the biggest token amount tipping the Model in their room. It concerns last 12 hours
  • the Knight - it’s the special role for the chosen user who is the protector of the Model in their room. The Knight may block offensive and rude users to provide the Model the safety.

stripchat token

But the Stripchat token is also connected with the colours of membership on the site. There are 3 options:

  • grey user - it’s a newbie, the user who hasn’t had any token coins yet - their balance is zero
  • green user - each user who has already bought any token coins
  • gold user - the user with special subscription ($20 monthly).

All above sorts of membership are connected with using Stripchat token coins and our generating system. You can end your adventure as the grey user if you generate vouchers with us. And then you’ll become the green one. But what about the gold? It’s simple - when you choose the biggest package available to generate, your membership is updated to the gold one without paying the monthly subscription. The gold user has some extra and special modes in their profile - they can have the closer contact with Models, send unlimited messages and have the access to extras offered by Performers (like private videos and photos of Models).

Gratis access for every interested user!

What are other options on Stripchat available for token coin?

But there more options on Stripchat that need the token to be paid:

  • tipping Models - it’s voluntary option but Performers do like it. You can send tips online during the show and offline with the dedication to show the Model your affection
  • paying for shows - prices are different on Stripchat. You can take part in the show from 8 token coins per minute and end with performances that cost even 120 token coins per minute:
    • spy show - average 8 - 12 tokens per minute
    • private chat - up to 120 tokens per minute
    • cam2cam chat - up to 120 tokens per minute.

stripchat token

You can try to use Stripchat without token coins but it’s almost impossible to feel satisfied then

All best options on Stripchat are available after paying. The token is necessary all the time, even in the situation when you just want to spy and watch somebody’s show. Without having vouchers, on the site you can do almost… nothing.

Fortunately, there is the special Stripchat token tool that can solve your problems with cash and buying vouchers. You can get them for free, in 2019 even faster than before. The site may be used from smartphone and the generator too. You can get vouchers from both iOS and Android mobile phones. We know that at present some users prefer managing everything from their smartphones. It’s more comfortable.

The system may be used in every place where you can connect with the Internet. If you can do it, the Stripchat token is at your hand then. You can use generated coins like normal ones, pay with them for everything and use the generator more than once. This way you get the unlimited source of the free currency for Stripchat.

Gratis access for every interested user!