xHamsterLive details and the idea of the token

xHamsterLive is the site with adult live shows. It has more than 140M monthly visits from different countries. It’s the most popular in:

  • the United States
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • the United Kingdom
  • France.

The site may be used in mobile and PC mode. The official currency there is the token - the virtual coin that is used to pay for all shows and every additional activity on the site. With the currency you can:

  • watch shows
  • tip Models online and offline
  • pay for private videos and photos of Models.
Gratis access for every interested user!

You can try to use the site in the free option but only with the xHamsterLive token you can enjoy the content without limits. If you don’t want to spend your private money to buy tokens, there is another option to get vouchers. Everything easy and without paying.

All ways available on xHamsterLive to get token coins

You can buy token coins using your private money. Then you can do it on xHamsterLive with these options:

  • CentroBill: Visa, MasterCard, PaySafeCard
  • Epoch: Visa, MasterCard, Discaver, Driver Club, JCB, Maestro, PayPal
  • BitPay: Bitcoins.

Then you buy token coins in special xHamsterLive packages:

  • 200 Tokens $19.99
  • 550 Tokens $49.99
  • 2250 Tokens $198.99.

But there is also different option for xHamsterLive token currency - the generator that works in the free mode for all users who want to save money but still have the chance to enjoy everything the best from the site.

Details of the token machine that can generate the currency for xHamsterLive

On the market there is the generator that can create token coins for you. If you’re the fan of xHamsterLive and live performances the option is perfect for you. With the tool you can get lots of great things that are available only for money:

  • the access to vouchers is the first and the most important thing connected with using this xHamsterLive system. But it isn’t everything
  • generated coins allow you to pay for shows and tip Models. When you tip Models online and send them offline gifts, you can have closer connect with your favourite Performers. But it means also some additional options - for example the possibility to buy special extras from Models like private photos and videos
  • becoming the King and the Knight - all these options depend on spent vouchers. So you have to pay a lot to have enough tokens to be the user who can spend the biggest amount
  • having the chance to get the gold membership without paying $20 monthly for the subscription. Now you can get it for free, without additional paying. It’s enough to choose the biggest package of tokens to generate. Then you membership is automatically updated to the gold one.

xhamsterlive token

You can try to use the site without having any xHamsterLive token coins. But then there isn’t any pleasure. You can’t feel anything better and your contact with Models and other users is limited. Our generator makes using the site easier and more pleasurable. You just need to generate vouchers and start spending them the way you like.

2019 improvements of the generator for token coins created for xHamsterLive

The system of token coins has some special improvements for 2019. Thanks to this, our xHamsterLive machine is even easier to use and more efficient:

  • the generator may be used with all devices than can be connected with the Internet. It concerns mobile phones and PC devices with below operating systems:
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • MacOS
  • token coins may be generated more than once by one user. It causes that the generator may be your unlimited source of xHamsterLive vouchers
  • the system has servers in different countries. Because of this, each location has the same efficiency during generating coins
  • operating the generator is now more intuitive
  • the whole process of generating takes less time - everything may be completed in less than 5 minutes
  • generated vouchers may be used for all actions that require paying.

xHamsterLive token is the important part of the site and now you can use it without any limits. It means that everything may be now easier and more pleasurable. Generated vouchers have also special option now - they may be used to go higher in ranks on the site. With our vouchers is simpler to become the King or the Knight and you can update your membership to the gold one without paying monthly subscription fee that is $20.

Some last token tips connected with xHamsterLive

Don’t feel guilty using generated token coins. Models can transfer them into real money like normal. All of them are generated based on the system of retrieving lost and missed vouchers and taking into consideration old VIP accounts with the mode for free vouchers. All tokens used in the generator were taken from xHamsterLive itself so they are official and work like bought ones.

Gratis access for every interested user!