What is Stripchat and how to get token packages with the generator?

Stripchat is a site where you can come and watch amazing amateur Models perform interactive shows live. The site is free with instant access from anywhere, at any time but for real you need the official currency called token to have any bigger pleasure from you activity on the site. You can buy tokens or use the generator tool and get them for free. All details available in the below article.

To understand the idea of the Stripchat token generator we have to first define it:

  • generator means that getting the token currency for Stripchat is free
  • generating is connected with:
    • working on finding holes in the site to retrieve lost and forgotten tokens
    • getting some extra currency to generate because of special agreements between us and the site.
Gratis access for every interested user!

The token, available generator modes and how to use it for Stripchat?

The token is an online currency used on Stripchat. Using tokens to get the attention of your favorite Models is called tipping and they are useful especially when you would like to make a special request to any Model or simply to show your appreciation and admiration:

  • you can also use tokens to enter Private and Cam2Cam shows or to spy on others' Private Shows.
  • you can send offline tips to your favorite Models as a gift and include a special message with the tip to surprise them. Even though tipping is not required, users can praise a Model's show by sending them tips. Models usually respond better to users of unique requests after being tipped and feeling appreciated.

As you can see, activities on the site need paying. It’s hard to enjoy the site fully without the token currency. And in this situation the option with the generator seems to be good and interesting.

The Stripchat token generator is available in 2 modes:

  • for computers
  • for smartphones.

They both cooperate each other and are additional divided into smaller parts (for example different for iOS and Android, different for Mac and Windows computers and more). It’s important that all of them can adapt to the right device what gives each user the biggest available efficiency.

Stripchat rules, the token using and the generator in practice

The first and main goal of Stripchat is providing a good time and entertainment both for users and Models. It's necessary to keep the website fun and pleasurable for everyone. It’s important not to offense each other or have any abuses to Performers. And, of course, it’s important to respect Models requirements connected with the token price. Models can determine their price per minute as they want and you have to pay it if you are interested in the show they perform. There are different shows - from only few tokens per minute to bigger amounts for Performers who are very popular and can demand high price. So you can see that in this situation having free tokens and the access to the generator may be important part of your Stripchat activity.

The Stripchat token generator may help you to get the free currency which may be used like normal one - with generated tokens you pay and tip Models like normal. And one more thing - you can use the generator both for old and new Stripchat account.

stripchat token generator

The generator was updated especially for 2019 (above you can see the note about dividing parts of the script - it was connected with these big updates). The process of getting the token currency is intuitive and easy to conduct - it’s enough to follow instructions you can see there. Within only a while you can get the access to Striochat and its best content. And only you’re aware what you like the best.

The currency you got with the Stripchat token generator is available on your account balance right after you can see that the process of generating is completed. Remember that tokens aren’t time limited so you can use them immediately right after generating or wait for the show you really want to see.

And the one more thing at the end of the article - generated tokens not only work like normal but they are also transferred into real money like paid ones. Thanks to this, Models always get their salary from tokens you can create with our generator. The system bases on real Stripchat solutions and works to find holes in the site to catch the token currency which is missed or lost. So it does 2 things:

  • improves Stripchat
  • gives users the possibility to have the real and completely free token packages.

Our works is focused on improving our services every day so we do our best to update the Stripchat token generator as often as it’s possible. Thanks to this you can be sure, that it’s the best tool for 2019 you can find on the market.

Gratis access for every interested user!