Get some knowledge about xHamsterLive, the token and the option for generator mode

xHamsterLive is the site with the adult live content. It’s also mobile-friendly that means that you can use it from your smartphone too. The first level of being user of the site is being the free one called Grey one. The Grey user is the member that hasn’t bought token coins yet. It means that their possibilities on the site are limited. But we’ll explain you all things connected with going higher in ranks, using the generator to get vouchers, sorts of available shows and all other rules that are important on the site.

What can you do on xHamsterLive when you are Grey user without token coins, who hasn’t used the generator yet?

  • chat with xHamsterLive Models
  • watch Performers on full screen
  • save your favourite Models
  • make friends with Performers and other users of the site
  • award Models.
Gratis access for every interested user!

The next step for the user is connected with having the real and better fun on xHamsterLive. And there is the option that is connected with token coins and the generator. Now it’s the moment to go higher and become Green or Gold user of the site. And that’s the moment when you need xHamsterLive token generator that provides gratis currency to everybody.

xHamster rules that are important for all users of the generator - they concern also token coins generated in the free mode

If you’re the user of xHamsterLive, you can’t forget about some rules that are important on the site. It concerns all members of the site’s community, including members who use token coins created with the generator:

  • be polite for other users and Models taking part in the xHamsterLive performances, being rude doesn’t add you respect or friends
  • tipping Models with token vouchers is important - then you attract more attention of Models (so you can see that visiting the chat without the currency isn’t funny and doesn’t bring you any special glory - but it’s the issue that may be solved by the generator we share with you)
  • naughty requests are strictly connected with having the Private show - then you can realize all your special wishes in more opened way
  • if you want to feel intimacy between you and the Model, go on Cam2Cam show - then nobody can spy you and the Performer during the show
  • before you go on chat with the Model, read about their preferences and skills. It makes finding the right show for you easier - and making your dreams come true too
  • tip Models a lot - it helps both you and them:
    • you may become a King - the user with the highest tipping amount in the room of the Performer
    • the Model may go higher and ranks and become the star of the month
  • online activity of the Model is important but don’t forget about them when they aren’t in the performing mode - send offline messages, send gifts to grab their attention better and don’t save token coins tipping
  • become the Gold member and get the power to spy almost all available xHamsterLive shows

xhamsterlive token generator

You can see all best options connected with using the site. But all the best costs. And that’s the cause that the xHamsterLive token generator may become your best friend.

Why the generator is so important on xHamsterLive? Find out more about paid options that need token coins

The tool we can share with you is so important because all best options are available only having token vouchers. And that’s the point that the generator was created for - the possibility to having fun for free. Generated currency may be used like normal ones. Let’s check the best options that may be available for you when you generate tokens:

  • generating token coins with the xHamsterLive system causes that you can become the Green or Gold member in the simple way:
    • you become the Green user when you generate the smallest or medium amount of token coins
    • you become the Gold user when you generate the biggest amount of token coins.
  • tipping Models - you need additional vouchers to tip Performers. The price of the show is the first thing, all additional actions are different and you need more tokens to pay for all offline gifts and special online tips. But using the adder, you can generate enough currency to pay both for shows and all additional actions
  • Private shows - they are 2 sorts of them but they are quite expensive. You can pay for taking part in these shows with generated tokens too.

The xHamsterLive token generator gives you the option to face all the best from the site without investing your private money. With the system you don’t have to buy token packages, just create some currency and enjoy shows you like. With these coins you can also offline tip Models so makes using the site even better. With us you can have more pleasure and forget about the token cost completely.

Gratis access for every interested user!