How to use the generator for token coins and enjoy xHamsterLive shows for free?

Registering on xHamsterLive, you start as the Grey user. Everybody can see your colour and it means that you’re new and without token coins. You can take part in some shows but you can’t tip and require anything. A little shaming. Being the free user of the site means that your position is low. To go higher, you can buy tokens in the normal way or use the generator to get the currency in the gratis mode. On the market there is the tool that gives you the possibility to save money and get vouchers that may be used normally, for all site’s activities.

Generate token vouchers and use them to become Green or Gold user on xHamsterLive for free. You just need to use the generator

On the site there are 3 levels of members:

  • Grey
  • Green
  • Gold.

To become the Grey member, you don’t have to do anything special. Just register on xHamsterLive and don’t get token coins. It’s free but this kind of membership is limited. Without the currency you can’t do anything. To get the higher level of membership, you need vouchers. To get them, you can buy the package or use the generator and create the currency in the gratis mode.

The real power of the xHamsterLive token generator free mode may be noticed by you when you want to become Green or Gold users. Then you can use it to generate gratis currency and use it in going higher.

Gratis access for every interested user!

To become the Green user, you just need to generate the smaller package of token coins with our system. As the Green member you can:

  • send token coins as tips
  • make friendship relations with xHamsterLive Models
  • take the Model to the Private show - but then you do it for free, without normal way of paying for the performance
  • take the Model to the Cam2Cam show - using the adder even 90 vouchers per minute isn’t too much for you
  • spy during other users Private shows
  • be the King - when you spend the biggest amount of token coins within 12 hours in the Model’s room.

The higher level on xHamsterLive is being the Gold member. To get this rank, you have to use the generator and get the highest package of token coins available in the adder. Then you can:

  • have unlimited amount of messages with Models and users
  • sending big token tips during public shows
  • have free and unlimited amounts of Private and Cam2Cam shows
  • have the invisible mode during the chat
  • become the Knight and protect the Model on the chat
  • use special emojis on chat
  • become the King in the room.

xhamsterlive token generator free

Using the xHamsterLive token generator free mode is very profitable. Without spending money you can get more. It’s only your decision if you want to save money and enjoy the site at the same time.

Use the generator but remember about xHamsterLive users rules. The system is free, you can get token coins but you have to stay polite for Models and other site’s members

Using the generator, you have to still remember about all rules connected with xHamsterLive. Visiting the site in the free mode and spending lots of token coins is great but you can’t be rude to others:

  • don’t spam on xHamsterLive chats
  • avoid rude posts on chats
  • don’t offer other payment methods - only token paying and tipping is permissible
  • don’t be offensive towards Models and users.

Keep in mind that being polite is the basic rule on the site. Remember about even if you’re the user of xHamsterLive token generator free mode and you can use the site in the gratis mode.

Don’t forget that you can use the generating system also from mobile devices. There isn’t any special app for this but when you paste the address of the adder in your browser, you can connect with the system. It causes that you can get the gratis currency from the same device you use for watching shows. Both iOS and Android are allowed to generate vouchers.

The normal costs of token packages:

  • 200 Tokens $19.99
  • 550 Tokens $49.99
  • 2250 Tokens $198.99.

And now you can simply see how much you can save with the xHamsterLive token generator free mode. No more paying for vouchers and no hidden fees in the adder. Everything is transparent and easy to do in this hack system. And tokens are available to spend immediately after you generate them. It was caused by the special version of the system created for 2019 to make using the method even more comfortable for all interested users.

Gratis access for every interested user!