The special hack system that works creating token coins for xHamsterLive

xHamsterLive is the adult live stream site with shows in the real time. On the site every user can choose among many options connected with Performers. There are:

  • women
  • men
  • couples
  • trans.

And all these categories have also sub-categories. You can look for taking into your consideration, for example:

  • age
  • nationality
  • appearance
  • hair
  • price
  • special tags.
Gratis access for every interested user!

The most important thing in these shows is the cost of the performance per minute. And there is the moment to consider the idea of the token. It’s the special xHamsterLive currency that is officially used on the site. There are different level of prices per minute on the site:

  • 8 tokens per minute
  • 16 - 24 tokens per minute
  • 32 - 60 tokens per minute
  • 90 and more tokens per minute.

You can buy token vouchers or be wiser and hack the system. It’s simple with the right tool. And the solution for it is xHamsterLive token hack - the generator that works for all devices that can connect with the Internet.

This xHamsterLive currency adder is the tool that is compatible with both mobile and PC devices. You can generate vouchers from iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. It causes that you can get the unlimited access to this gratis currency and this way have the possibility to watch all shows available on the site.

How to hack xHamsterLive in just a while to get token coins?

This hack method you can find here is the reliable way that works to provide token vouchers to everybody who loves xHamsterLive. It concerns also extra categories like:

  • new Models
  • spying
  • the best Performers
  • VR mode.

The currency generated with xHamsterLive token hack may be used for all activities on the site. Thanks to these vouchers you can go higher in ranks and become King or Knight.

xhamsterlive token hack

The process of generating the currency with the xHamsterLive vouchers adder takes is just a short moment. It may be completed in only 5 minutes and after this time you can start using created vouchers and spend them any way you want.

Rules of xHamsterLive related to the token and this special hack method

Let’s familiarize with some rules of xHamsterLive. All of them concern also using the hack system to get token coins without paying for them:

  • the site is available in the mobile mode from your smartphone. The generator too. You can use just one device to generate and enjoy yourself. And doesn’t matter which operating system you have
  • in the normal way, you have to pay $19.99 monthly subscription for becoming the Gold user with some special additional options like unlimited messages. Fortunately, with the generator you don’t have to pay for it. It’s enough to use the hack and choose the highest amount of vouchers available to generate. The highest package updates your membership to the Gold one without paying the subscription
  • you can become the loyal Knight, using the generating system. The Knight is the special sort of the user that care about the good order during the chat
  • also being the King is possible with this hack method. With the system you can have enough token coins to be the best tipper in the last 12 hours in the Model’s room.

On xHamsterLive the best kind of shows are private ones. But there is also the option for being the spying user. All performances need token coins to be paid. Fortunately, you can use the hack for it.

You can have the possibility to watch below kinds of shows with the xHamsterLive token hack:

  • you can have the PRIVATE CHAT with the Model. The default price of it is 24 tokens per minute but it may be even 120 coins per minute if the Models prefers that cost. Private chat allows you to have more intimacy with the Performer. But you can be spied by other members of xHamsterLive
  • if you don’t want to be spied, you should choose the CAM2CAM CHAT. It’s the kind of the private chat without the possibility of being spied by anybody. The default price of that show is 32 tokens per minute but it may be even 120 coins per minute
  • the cheapest sort of all shows is the SPY WATCHING. It’s about 8 - 12 tokens per minute. During this kind of the chat you can only watch without any possibility to have the influence on the action. You’re just a visitor, only the watcher.

You can start using the system called xHamsterLive token hack anytime you want. It’s available for users 24 hours a day, without breaks. It works 7 days a week to give you the option to the free access to the site and its content. The only thing you have to do is to connect with the Internet and conduct the process of generating. It takes only a while to have enough tokens to watch everything you want.

Gratis access for every interested user!