xHamsterLive more and more popular and it caused that we created the 2019 system to generate the token coin

2019 is the year when people have preferred mobile solutions. More and more of them are using smartphones for everything - work and entertainment. The connection with the Internet is Worldwide and the latest researches have shown that this trend is going to go this way. It concerns also xHamsterLive. It may be used from your mobile phone like normal. And because of this we have created the tool to generate the token coin that can also cooperate with mobile devices. It gives you the chance to enjoy shows from your phone and generate tokens also with the same device.

The xHamsterLive token 2019 system may be your best friend in the adventure connected with taking part in best live shows available in the web. It’s easy to start using the generator and we’ll write something more about it here.

What is the token on xHamsterLive and how to connect it with the 2019 mode of the currency adder?

The token is the official currency of xHamsterLive. You can pay with these vouchers for all activities on the site. In 2019, tokens are available with various payment systems and in different packages. Let’s see ways of payment and amounts:

  • payment methods:
    • CentroBill: Visa, MasterCard, PaySafeCard
    • Epoch: Visa, MasterCard, Discaver, Driver Club, JCB, Maestro, PayPal
    • BitPay: Bitcoins
  • packages and prices for them:
    • 200 Tokens $19.99
    • 550 Tokens $49.99
    • 2250 Tokens $198.99.

Prices per minute are different. But they can cost (depending on the sort or Model’s preferences) from 8 to 120 tokens per minute. It means that for $19.99 you can have about minute of the most expensive Private show or 25 minutes of the cheapest Spy mode. You can have various preferences of watching and shows you like the most. But one thing is always the same - you have to spend token coins to have the full access in shows.

Gratis access for every interested user!

The next way is tipping. xHamsterLive Models love being tipped, both online and offline. And it means additional token amounts. The amount depends on you but - the more the better, like usual. Fortunately, in 2019 you have the chance to face a way to make watching shows easier, the solution that allows you to save money and enjoy everything for free.

Ways to spend token coins available on xHamsterLive in 2019

The xHamsterLive token 2019 system is the way that can give you the option to enjoy all content available on the site. Let’s check shows sorts and additional modes that require paying.

xHamster shows sorts available in 2019 and paid in token vouchers:

  • Spy show - the cheapest kind of shows available on the site. It doesn’t cost so much but you can’t do anything during the show, can’t have the influence of action. Watching this kind of the show, you are only the passive watcher
  • Private show - more expensive and more intimate but not private in 100%. This kind of shows may be watched by users who spy performances
  • Cam2Cam show - the most private kind of the show. You can meet with the Model face to face and nobody can spy you. It’s available also in the PC mode, you can’t use this show from your mobile phone.

But on the site are also other options available for token coins. In 2019 additional activities on xHamsterLive are:

  • sending offline gifts to Model - you decide about this action and the amount of token vouchers you spend. But Performers really appreciate it and it’s easier to make friendship with them or become the Knight during their chats
  • sending online tips - you can also tip the Model with coins during the show. Models love being tipped, more token vouchers mean also bigger salary for them.

xhamsterlive token 2019

Token coins are also necessary to go higher in site’s ranks and become the King or the Knight. The currency is also related with becoming the Golden user of xHamsterLive. Let’s describe also this part of activity on the site:

  • Gold membership - cost $19.99 a month as the subscription. It means additional options like buying private videos and photos of Models or unlimited amount of messages. With the 2019 generator you can get it for free, just generating the highest package of vouchers. If you get the higher package, your status is automatically updated to the Gold membership
  • being the King is connected with spending the highest amount of token coins in the Model’s room in the last 12 hours - and generated vouchers may be used for tipping and you have already known it
  • being the Knight - you have to be appreciated by the Model to become the Knight and it also needs spent vouchers.

All above actions are available with the system that generates coins. Using xHamsterLive token 2019 method you can generate vouchers that work like normal ones and this way you can both save money and spend unlimited amount of vouchers to get all the best available on the site.

Gratis access for every interested user!